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Getting to Copley House from the airport

Not too long ago, Trip Advisor posted an article suggesting the best ways to get from the airport to a hotel in any city. “Any city?" I thought to myself. "That's going to be a long article.” Turns out the article was more of a general guideline. As I always say, it pays to read beyond the headline.

The author's second suggestion? Start with the hotel’s website. Good advice, which inspired my second thought of the day: “Our website needs directions from the airport.” 

1. If you've rented a car there are a few different routes you can take. One of the quickest is to go out I-90W and then double-back on I-90E and take the Prudential exit. Stay to the left and you will end up on Huntington Avenue where you will take your first left onto West Newton Street. May not seem like the most intuitive but it is quick and easy and avoids a lot of confusing city traffic (and Boston drivers).

2. If you have a lot of luggage, a taxi is the quickest and easiest way to get to Copley House from the airport. Although we have multiple buildings you will be checking in to our office at 239 W. Newton Street. During off-peak hours the fare is usually around $30 and the ride will take about 20 minutes. Rush hour will add a bit more to both the ride and the fare. 

3. If you are not traveling with a lot of luggage and don’t mind a solid 10 minute walk once you get to the neighborhood, my second suggestion would be to try the Back Bay Logan Express. The Express takes about 20 minutes and costs $5, which you can pay onboard with a credit card. It leaves the airport every twenty minutes (from 6 AM until 10 PM) and only makes two stops: Copley Square and the Hynes Convention Center on Boylston Street. Both are pretty close to Copley House but the Hynes stop wins by a hair.

4. Last but not least, there is the subway. Or, as it is referred to locally, the “T.” This option will involve some switching. An airport shuttle will take you to the Blue Line, which you will take to State Street where you will switch to the Orange Line. Take the Orange Line to Back Bay. From there it is less than a 10 minute walk to our office through a pedestrian walkway. 

No matter how you decide to reach us, our staff will be here waiting to meet you. See you soon!