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5 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were From The Boston Area

You’d be surprised to learn what celebrities started out in or around Boston, MA. The list of famous people from the historic city is astounding. To give you just a taste of the cream of the crop from Boston, we have made this list of five celebrities (in no particular order) who call the Boston area home. 

John Krasinski: Newton, MA

You read that right! John Krasinski is from Massachusetts! Krasinksi is a famous actor known for his performances in many blockbuster movies and award-winning television series. Krasinski made his big-screen debut in 2002 and was cast in several smaller roles for the next three years. His big break came in 2005 with the premiere of the American version of “The Office.” Krasinski portrayed Jim Halpert, a playful trickster and endearing employee of Dunder Mifflin. Following the enormous success of the series, Krasinski was offered roles in large films and launched his directing career. Some notable titles include “The Hollars,” “Monsters University,” “13 Hours,” and the 2018 hit “A Quiet Place.” 


Chris Evans:  Boston, MA

Chris Evans is another in the long list of Boston-Area celebrities. Evans started his career acting in community theatre shows when he was in school. He developed a passion for the performing arts and attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York. His big break came from an internship at a talent agency where he was later taken on as a client. Evans’ film career began in 2000 with a series of low-budget films along with “The Fugitive” starring Harrison Ford. In 2004, Evans broke through to the big time as the star of “Cellular,” a thriller. Unfortunately, the movie did not do exceptionally well in the box office. Everything changed when Evans signed on as Johnny Storm in “Fantastic Four” in 2005. Evans was hailed as the star of the film, stealing the spotlight with his energetic performance. He has since reached levels of super-stardom from his role as Captain America in the series of films of the same name as well as the Avengers series. 


Uzo Aduba: Boston, MA

Aduba is a relative newcomer to the world of films, but she has quickly made her mark on the industry. Like many other film and television stars, Aduba began on the stage. In 2003 she performed in “Translations of Xhosa” which earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a play. A few years later, in 2007, Aduba made her Broadway debut in “Coram Boy.” In 2011 she became part of the Original Revival Cast of “Godspell,” a hugely popular musical loved throughout the theatre community. Aduba’s first screen role was on “Blue Bloods” in 2012. Her performance on the show, along with her impressive resume, landed her the role of Suzanne Warren, more popularly known as Crazy Eyes in the Netflix series, “Orange Is the New Black.” Aduba’s character quickly became a viewer favorite for her unusual yet wholesome view of the world. 


Barbara Walters: Boston, MA

Barbara Walters is a famous journalist from Boston. Born in 1929, Walters spent her childhood in the historic city, developing her love of writing and journalism. In the early 1950s, Walters began writing for CBS’s “The Morning Show.” In the 1960s, Walters moved on to NBC’s “Today Show” covering many “women’s interest stories.” The more Barbara interviewed people for the show, the more air time she was given due to her popularity amongst the viewers. She was eventually promoted to co-host, the first woman to do so. In 1976, Walters became the first female co-anchor of a network evening news when she accepted the role at ABC’s “Evening News.” She went on to co-host and produce ABC’s “20/20” which became wildly successful with audiences. In 1997, Walters created “The View,” a daytime, all-female talk show. After 16 seasons (WOW!) Barbara retired from “The View,” but has since done numerous special reports for “20/20.”


Mark Wahlberg: Boston, MA

Did you know that Mark Wahlberg started out as a pop sensation? That’s right- Wahlberg took the world by storm as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. After an early adolescence full of crime and drugs, Wahlberg was given a recording contract thanks to his brother, Donnie. Donnie Wahlberg was a member of the boy band “New Kids on the Block” and saw huge success at the start of the boy band craze. Seeing that Mark was headed down a dark path, Donnie helped him secure a record label. At first, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch were a huge hit. Mark’s bad boy persona was new and exciting but soon became a commodity. Wahlberg was involved in many scandals and often said and did very discriminatory things against minorities. His first screen role was in 1994 where he proved to many nay-sayers that the ex-rapper could act. Some of Wahlberg’s most notable performances include “Boogie Nights,” “Three Kings,” “Planet of the Apes,” “I Heart Huckabees” and “Entourage.” 

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