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The Next Big Events Happening in Boston That You Won’t Want To Miss


Take a look at a few of the biggest events Boston has coming its way in the upcoming months!


SoWa Winter Festival - Dec. 6th - 8th

You won’t want to miss the 5th annual SoWa Winter Festival! This is the largest winter shopping village and holiday festival in all of Boston! If you are an advocate for shopping locally, then the SoWa Winter Festival is perfect for you! Held in the heart of Boston’s arts district, the festival features handmade gifts, handcrafted cocktails, and more. Over 130 artists, craftsmen, chefs, and bakers convene in Boston for the SoWa festival each year to fill up the two marketplaces the event is held at. You’ll get to experience the best food, art, and craftsmanship that Boston has to offer, all conveniently located in one place! Don’t miss your chance to find the perfect holiday gifts at the SoWa Winter Festival.

Boston Tea Party Annual Reenactment: December 16th

The Boston Tea Party is arguably the most important event in the city’s history. Celebrate the turning point in American history at this year’s 246th annual reenactment. Guests will get to sit in on the meeting that decided it all and will get the chance to interact with John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Samuel Adams. The event begins in the South Meeting House before taking to the streets to Harborwalk, where Griffin’s Wharf once sat. From here, the Sons of Liberty storm the docked ships to dump cases of East India Tea into Boston Harbor. This is a great way to be involved with Boston’s history. Why read books about the Boston Tea Party when you can relive it every year? 

First Night/First Day: Dec. 31st - Jan. 1st

First Night takes place annually on December 31st. This is the largest New Year’s Eve celebration in all of New England. The event has taken place since 1975 and continues to thrive and attract thousands each and every year. First Night features all kinds of musical acts, ice sculptures, light displays, a procession, and fireworks! You can walk around Copley and Back Bay to experience all the fun First Night has to offer. Just before midnight, join in the fun from home or in person by watching the Copley Countdown and the pyrotechnics that come with the New Year.  First day takes place on the first of January on Copley Square from 12 PM - 4 PM. First Day is full of fun activities for children and families to do. This is an event you really won’t want to miss so be sure to plan ahead!

PAX East 2020: Feb. 27th - March 1st

If you’re a videogame fanatic, you’ve probably heard of PAX East. PAX is a conference dedicated to all things videogame. At PAX, indie and world-renowned developers alike get to show off their games to a very captivated audience. Enjoy seeing new games, talking to the big-wigs of the industry, sitting in on panels discussing all things gaming, watching live tournaments, utilizing freeplay areas, and so much more! PAX East tickets are available now and are selling fast, so don’t wait to get yours! 

These are just a few of the countless annual events Boston offers its residents and visitors. There is never a dull moment in the city because there is always somewhere to go and something to see. All of the events listed here are conveniently located under 15 minutes from Copley House! If you plan to attend any of Boston’s famous annual events, always book your room early. Copley House is a wonderful alternative to hotels and all of our short-term rental apartments come furnished with all of the amenities you need to feel at home. When you book online, use promo code ‘DIRECT’ to save 10% on your next stay: