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COVID-19 Travel Updates

The safety and security of our guests and staff are our highest priority. Check back for our latest updates and policies around COVID-19.

Please check the Massachusetts COVID-19 Travel Order for more updates on our local area.

Health & Safety Policies

  • We have ramped up our cleaning protocols, especially in public areas. We continually disinfect high-traffic public areas.
  • Limited occupancy
  • Distance guides / marked indicators for queues
  • Mask policy
  • Regular disinfection of public touch-points
  • Staff social distancing protocols

Amenities & Services

What’s open as of August 27, 2020

  • Business center, with access to the public computer limited to one person at a time.  

Local Area Resources 

The Prudential Mall is located a short walk away from our facility. There are several take-out options in there as well as a CVS Pharmacy.