Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage Trails: Hiking and Biking Adventures in Boston for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Fall Foliage Trails: Hiking and Biking Adventures in Boston for Outdoor Enthusiasts

New England's stunning fall foliage attracts leaf-peeping visitors from all over the world every season. The vibrant hues of red, yellow, and orange transform the region into an aesthetic paradise. The best time to come and experience New England’s incredible fall foliage depends on a number of factors, such as weather conditions, location, and elevation. 

However, the fall foliage season usually starts in late September and lasts through October. Hike and bike through the historic neighborhoods of Back Bay, and Beacon Hill, or take a walk through the iconic Boston Common and Public Garden to witness the autumn colors.

If you aim to come and enjoy the fabulous Boston hiking trails or desire Boston biking adventures during fall foliage, then here are some great locations you should be visiting:

Charles River Bike Path

Also known as the Charles River Greenway, or the Paul Dudley White Bike Path, the Charles River Bike Path offers a paved, 22-mile route stretching from Boston to its western suburbs. The trail is part of the East Coast Greenway, a larger, developing network covering areas from Maine to Florida.

It is named after Paul Dudley White, a cardiologist and prominent advocate of preventive medicine who frequently used the phrase "I'd like to put everybody on bicycles." White served as President Eisenhower's cardiologist in 1955 and recommended bicycle therapy for Eisenhower after he suffered a heart attack in the same year.

More specifically, the path spans the edge of Cambridge and Watertown on the north, and the West End, Back Bay, and Allston-Brighton neighborhoods of Boston on the south. Many sections of the route have multiple parallel trail options for those who prefer an unpaved surface or like to stay further away from road activity.

Busy roads parallel the trail on both sides of the river, albeit most of the route has trees and green space along the way. As you indulge in your Boston biking adventures and hiking fun, you can also enjoy views of boats as they cruise or engage in a variety of water sports available to the public at various areas along the path.

The Back Bay Fens

Back Bay Fens is a picturesque urban park renowned for its lush gardens, serene waterways, and scenic hiking trails. It is part of Boston’s Emerald Necklace, a 1,100-acre collection of nine parks connected by pathways and waterways. The Back Bay Fens offers lots of outdoor entertainment and enjoyment options, making it one of the favorite Boston hiking trails for many. Whether you prefer walking, hiking, biking, or just lounging around to enjoy the sunshine, the Fens promises a unique experience for everyone. 

Enjoy beautiful gardens, sober memorials, and Boston's great history in this area of remarkable beauty located right in Boston’s backyard. The presence of numerous attractions makes a trip to the Back Bay Fens ideal for both lone individuals and families of all sizes.

The Southwest Corridor Park

The Southwest Corridor Park is a popular commuter biking trail from Back Bay to Forest Hills. It connects the South End, Back Bay, Roxbury, and Jamaica Plain, and is a great route to leisurely ride along during the autumn. But be sure to keep an eye out for other bikers, many of whom will be speeding home from work. 

While enjoying your Boston biking adventures via the Southwest Corridor Park, you can pause and also enjoy various activity centers. These include spray pools, basketball and tennis courts, hockey rinks, and amphitheaters, as well as jogging and hiking paths along your route.

The Freedom Trail

Boston’s iconic two-and-a-half-mile Freedom Trail connects 16 historical sites and attracts over 4 million visitors every year. The Freedom Trail starts at Boston Common, the oldest public park in the United States (established in 1634).

The historic trail showcases Boston’s rich history, from revolutionary landmarks to popular cultural sites. Walking, hiking, or biking on this trail allows you to immerse yourself in the story of America’s struggle for independence, after which you’ll have a deeper understanding and appreciation of Boston’s role in the making of the United States.

As you undertake your Boston biking adventures or hiking expedition here, you’ll enjoy aesthetically pleasing views of the Massachusetts State House, an architectural beauty boasting a golden dome that proudly shines through the cityscape. There are quite a variety of walking tours traversing this trail. One of them offers a two-hour guided walking tour of the downtown Freedom Trail between Faneuil Hall and Boston Common and then on to Copley Square in Back Bay via Beacon Hill.

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