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Haunted History: Ghost Tours and Spooky Sites in Boston

Nov 24, 2023

Do you have an adventurous spirit and are you ready to explore different things and places without limitations? That's exactly what you get to do in Boston, full of spirits lurking on every corner, making it the perfect place for supernatural thrill seekers. Make a plan for one of Boston’s haunted tours where you can encounter historic districts filled with chilling tales of restless spirits. But which of Boston’s spooky sites should you visit and what is their history? This guide will reveal all.

Boston Spooky Sites to Visit for Memorable Moments

When visiting Boston, you should plan to spend some quality moments in the following Boston spooky sites:

Fort Warren 

Fort Warren is one of the Boston spooky sites that will let you enjoy memorable moments in the haunted city. Initially, this was a prison during the Civil War where the disloyal citizens and soldiers were imprisoned. It was built in the 1840s on Georgia Island near the Boston Harbor’s entrance. The Vice President of the Confederate States of America, Alexander Hamilton Stephens, is one of the more famous former inmates of this prison. 

The Union soldiers reported experiencing shadows and strange sensations while patrolling the beaches. You’ll also not want to miss the story of Mrs. Lanier, the famous ghost (lady in black), which most people saw wandering over the grounds. 

According to Boston's haunted history, the lady died while trying to free her husband from the fort’s prison. She traveled from Georgia and tried to escape with her husband. Unfortunately, one guard spoiled her mission by shooting her husband. Later, Mrs. Lanier was hanged and buried on Georgia Island, adorned with black robes, which she appears to be wearing to date. 

The Pilot House

You should include the Pilot's House in your Boston haunted tours to have more juicy stories about the city. Formerly an inn, it was built in 1839 and was used by pilots and captains of ships who stayed overnight in Boston. According to Boston haunted history records, this house has several ghost spirits hovering around. 

The lady in white is a notable ghost who moves around the kitchen on the first floor. People say she appears as a glowing figure. But others also claim they hear male voices, clinking glasses, and laughing while the door slams when no one is around. This might seem a scary but enjoyable experience for the day.

Granary Park Burying Grounds

While enriching your Boston haunted history, you should not miss visiting the burying grounds at Granary Park. It was founded in 1660, where the remains of John Hancock, Robert Treat Pain, and Samuel Adams lie. 

However, the graveyard of Paul Revere makes this park qualify as a Boston spooky site as his spirit is more evident at midnight. You’ll see him lingering around his horse around the narrow pathways with picturesque trees towards his graveyard.

The USS Salem in Quincy Harbor

Have you ever heard of a haunted harbor? If not, then this is the right time to book a Boston haunted tour to witness a beautiful harbor populated with ghosts. During World War II, Quincy Harbor was a hospital and morgue. Years later, visitors to this harbor claimed to witness footsteps and noise from the crew ghosts around the empty hull. Plan to tour this area around fall when the ship acts as a ghost ship harbor.

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