5 Things About Boston You May Not Have Known

5 Things About Boston You May Not Have Known

5 Things About Boston You May Not Have Known

5 Things About Boston You May Not Have Known

In Boston, you can find something interesting around every corner. Whether you live in Boston or simply visit when you can, we’re sure there are some fun facts you don’t know about this historic city.


The first American lighthouse was built in Boston.

The first lighthouse in America was built on Little Brewster Island in 1783. While the original lighthouse on this island is no longer there, the lighthouse that is still housed on the island, Boston Light, is now the oldest continually-working and fully-staffed lighthouse in the country. This historic landmark has been watching over Boston since the Revolutionary War, and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come. 


Boston Common is the oldest public park in America.

Have we mentioned that Boston is home to many old and historic sites? In addition to the previously-mentioned lighthouse, Boston is proud to house the country’s oldest public park, the much-loved Boston Common. The park dates back to 1634 when Colonial militia gathered for the Revolution. Since then, this picturesque stretch of green has seen the celebration of America’s independence, anti-slavery meetings and protests, victory gardens, free speech protests, and so much more. In 1913, the walkways were paved, the land was spruced up, and trees were moved and planted. Ever since, the Common has been a hugely popular tourist destination, as well as a spot of daily enjoyment for residents. 


The Red Sox have their own patented color - Fenway Green.

What’s Boston without our beloved sports teams? The Red Sox and Fenway Park draw in hundreds of thousands of fans every season. Did you know that the team has a patented color? Fenway Green is the legal property of the Red Sox and is proudly displayed all over the stadium. Where else can you find this rich shade of green? Everyone’s favorite mascot, The Green Monster! 


Christmas was once banned for over 20 years.

In 1659, the Puritans settled in Boston and outright banned any celebration of Christmas. Because the Puritans saw Christmas as a pagan holiday, any form of Christmas spirit was forbidden, and if you were caught celebrating, you received a fine. This went on for 22 years until the law was finally removed in 1681. Can you imagine Boston without a Christmas?!


There are no Happy Hours.

Happy Hour does not exist in Boston. While some argue this is because every hour in the city is happy hour, it’s actually because Happy Hour drink specials are banned. Massachusetts is one of only eight states to have this type of law. While the rule started as a way to uphold regular working business hours, it was left in the law books following a drunk driving accident in 1984. To prevent more of these tragedies, drink specials for Happy Hour are not allowed at any bar or restaurant in the state.

We hope you found these facts interesting! Boston is full of history and unforgettable characters, so there areplenty more facts to be found. If you want to visit this unique city, book your stay at the Copley House! Our fully-furnished apartment rentals nestled in Boston’s Back Bay are sure to feel like a home away from home while you explore the city. Call us at (617) 236-8300 to book your stay!