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Harbor Adventures: Discovering Boston's Waterfront Attractions

Every year, millions of people travel to Boston to see what Beantown is all about. Are you planning a trip here? Are you curious about what the Boston Harbor area, specifically, has to offer? If so, this guide is for you. Discover the top Boston waterfront attractions below.

Boston Scenic Cruises

One of the best ways to experience the Boston Harbor is on the water. When you arrive, you can choose from numerous Boston scenic cruises, all of which provide a unique view of the area.


Many of the tours give you a chance to learn about Boston’s fascinating history and witness its many natural attractions (including several species of whales!).


In addition to these popular options, you can also schedule a lunch or dinner tour to enjoy a delicious meal at sea. Some nighttime tours even feature fireworks shows.

Waterfront Dining Spots

The Boston Harbor is home to a variety of waterfront dining spots. If you’re looking for a meal with a view (but want to stay on land), the following are some of the area’s top restaurants:


  • Kelly’s Roast Beef: A family-run business known for its roast beef sandwiches and fried seafood.
  • Woods Hill Pier 4: A farm-to-table restaurant with a patio directly on the pier for unparalleled sea views.
  • ReelHouse: A popular summertime seafood destination with an expansive patio offering a unique view of downtown Boston.
  • Legal Harborside: A three-floor spot where each floor offers a different level of dining (from casual on the bottom floor to private dining on the third).
  • The Barking Crab: The perfect outdoor casual eatery for crab, lobster, clams, and more.

Art and History Museums

The Boston Harbor area provides plenty of experiences for art and history lovers, including a variety of must-see museums. Here are a few to add to your travel itinerary:


Parks and Natural Attractions

If you’re interested in spending time outdoors, the Boston Harbor offers plenty of more laidback locations for walking and relaxing.


Check out the Charles River Esplanade, a three-mile-long, 65-acre open space with plenty of benches, so you can take a seat whenever you want.


For something more challenging, consider the Deer Island peninsula as well, which offers multiple walking paths and hiking trails.

Experience the Best Boston Waterfront Attractions Today

From Boston scenic cruises to delicious waterfront dining spots, there’s something for everyone near the harbor.


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