Spend Mother's Day  In Boston

Spend Mother's Day In Boston

Spend Mother's Day In Boston

Mother's Day is around the corner, and nothing will make your mom feel more appreciated than a well-thought-out gift. Gifts do not have to be the traditional shoes, a lovely dress, or knitted sweaters you recently came across. There are many ways you can make your mom feel special and have fun together, especially on Mother's day.

For example, visiting Boston attractions and spending time together is one way to make your mom feel special on her day. Below are our top recommendations on some of the best Mother's Day events in Boston to give your mother a special treat on Mother's Day.

Picnic in the Arnold Arboretum on Boston's Lilac Day

First on our list is a nature lover's favorite. If your mom loves and appreciates simple things in life, such as the sound of birds chirping, you can never go wrong with the Arnold Arboretum. From the scent of lilacs in their full bloom to the exhilarating show of color, this is the perfect place for a day of family-oriented activities.

Also, Lilac Sunday is the only day of the year when the Arboretum allows picnics since it's spring in Boston. Luckily, Lilac Sunday falls around the same time as Mother's Day, making it one of the best May events in Boston. So, take advantage of this by preparing amazing treats to enjoy while basking in the sun. This is an opportunity to experience an unforgettable fragrance of beautiful lilacs in full bloom.

Go Shopping at SoWa Open Market

Mothers spend most of their time helping and attending to other people's needs in the family. Putting other people first is a mother's way of showing love. As a result, most mothers barely get time to do the things they love, like shopping.

Surprisingly, most shopping-lovers don't even want to buy things but see and appreciate them. If your mother loves shopping, the  SoWa Open Market is a great place to visit on Mother's day.

SoWa Open market is Boston's most prominent and award-winning celebration of food, arts, and culture. It is the home of carefully curated handmade art, assorted produce collection from local farmers, food, and entertainment.

Mother's Day Brunch Cruise

Celebrations can be more than good food and hearty laughter. Treat your mom to a relaxing and breathtaking Brunch Cuisine on Northern Lights. You'll also attend a soothing live jazz concert as you enjoy your meals.

Celebrate your mom as you enjoy great food and sweeping views of Boston.

It is also a lovely way to make memories since it gives you enough room to take plenty of pictures. You can take photos and bond as you cruise through the historic Boston Harbor.


Mother's Day is a time to show moms how much we love and appreciate their work. Plan as early as now to avoid last-minute rush and disappointment.

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