work from home at copley house

Work From Home At Copley House

Work From Home At Copley House

Working from home doesn’t mean staying in one place. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to work from home and travel, explore new cities, and enjoy the flexibility that remote work provides.

Situated at the heart of the Back Bay area of Boston, Copley House makes working from home a truly unique experience.

So, if you’re looking to travel this spring, you can’t miss the many attractions Boston offers. And in Copley House, you have the perfect base to get some work done and recharge in between your Boston adventures.

Copley House adapts to your needs and budgets — from airy suites to practical studios to comfy rooms. But how can it make your working from home in Boston experience unforgettable? Let’s find out.


If you’re working from home, chances are you’ll need the comfort and space to do your best work on the go.

The suite at Copley House accommodates up to 4 guests and has everything you need to make your stay cozy — from a beautiful fireplace and bay windows that let in plenty of natural light to a full kitchen for those mid-work snacks or a quick meal before heading out to explore the city.


Traveling on your own or with a partner? The studios at Copley House are the perfect base to get some rest and recharge.

This Boston rental is strategically situated in the Back Bay area, with easy access to the city’s favorite remote workspaces — from quirky coffee shops to the most popular coworking spaces in town.

Of course, the studios and all the rooms in Copley House have complimentary Internet access for those days when you feel like staying in or taking video calls in a quiet setting.


The more adventurous or budget-conscious remote workers will love the flexibility of a room rental. And at Copley House, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for a more affordable Boston rental.

Copley House offers single and double rooms with a cozy bed, a dining table and chairs to get some work done on the fly, and a kitchenette for all your snack and 5-minute meal needs.

Extended stays

If you want to work from home, chances are you’re looking for a long-term stay to get plenty of time to explore the area in your own time.

You can rent one of Copley House’s apartment-style suits by the month and enjoy all the amenities that’ll make you feel completely at home — from cooking utensils to on-site laundry services to indoor patio space to sit down with your laptop in the sun. Also, pet parents will be delighted to hear Copley House is pet-friendly.

Sounds like a plan? Get in touch with us to find out more about extended stays at Copley House.

With its unbeatable location with easy access to public transport and amenities, cozy furniture, plenty of space and natural light, and friendly staff, Copley House is the best place to start your work from home and travel adventures in Boston.