Travel Tips When Visiting Boston's Mapparium

Travel Tips When Visiting Boston's Mapparium

Travel Tips When Visiting Boston's Mapparium

Travel Tips When Visiting Boston's Mapparium

Are you taking a trip to Boston? Are you planning on visiting the famous Boston Mapparium? If yes, then we would like to warn you of some things and equip you with the right weapons so that you can make the best of it if you still decide to visit? When it comes to traveling to Boston and visiting the Mapparium, there's some good and bad news for you.

The bad news is- You can't get enough of this beautiful, historical, and cultural Boston Mapparium and its sights! Trust me, I've tried. The good news is, we have prepared this travel guide for you to help you get the most of visiting the Mapparium!

Let me quickly tell you a little about Boston's Mapparium! It's a world-famous three-story magnificent globe situated in the Mary Baker Eddy Library, which in itself is a key Boston attraction! More than 11 million people have visited the tourist attraction since it was built in 1935.

The Mapparium looks like any normal globe, except that it's not! If you stand inside of the globe, you will notice that everything is facing the wrong direction. From the inside of the Mapparium, it's a concave glove and not a convex globe. The globe made in 1935 has never been updated to date.

You can stare at European countries like France and then take a look at South Asian countries like Korea as well, under Japanese rule. The acoustics present inside is awesome. It looks like a whole giant library in itself. You cannot talk to your friends or make an inside lame joke without your neighbor visitors hearing your gossip.

When you visit the Mapparium, you'll realize how elegant and magnificent it looks. It's an indescribable feeling seeing the entire world around you. You can literally stare at it the whole day without having the need to go back. But that's not gonna happen. Visitors are only allowed to stay there for 20 mins tops before being asked to leave.

So, it's always better to come equipped with a mind ready to be blown by the beauty of this place.

From the Mapparium, you can head to the subway to visit Cambridge as well. You can take a trip to Harvard Square and then go down to Brattle Street as well. You can also take a tour of the museums in Boston like the Museum of Science, MFA, or MIT Museum ICA, among many others. Most of them have free registrations at some point of the day.

You can definitely try your luck.

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